We are Ikano

Our essence 

Ikano's strength is distinguished by working together to create 
long-term solutions based on fair terms that bring value to our 
customers, partners and to ourselves.

Our essence describe where we come from,
what we stand for and what we promise.

Our vision

To create possibilities for better living.

Our mission

Simplifying the many people's lives so they can focus on living it. 

Our business idea

Together we create solutions, based on fair terms and simplicity, that bring value to our customers. We do this by developing and managing companies within financial services, insurance, real estate and retail.

Our fundamentals

We focus on our three fundamentals and ensure a good balance between them. We offer added value to our customers by understanding people’s needs and by developing solutions that improve their lives.

Profitability gives us financial strength and stability that allow us to plan and act with a long-term perspective.

We never compromise on our values: common sense and simplicity, working together and daring to be different. Nor do we compromise on our promise: on fair terms. These are essential in everything we do.

Our values and promise 

We want our customers, partners and co-workers to choose us for what we stand for, what we deliver and how we deliver it.

Three basic values guide all Ikano businesses: common sense and simplicity, working together and daring to be different. These values support our promise: on fair terms.






Where we come from

Ikano was originally a part of the home furnishing company IKEA, founded 1943 by 
Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. In 1988, Ikano became an independent group of 
companies, owned by the Kamprad family. 

Our identity is rooted in a constant desire for renewal, a willingness to 
try unconventional solutions and a cost-conscious mindset.

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